Paradise Found, Scene 2: Kane O’Farrel & Anton Harri
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September 10, 2019

Description: Having traveled a long distance doesn't seem to have slowed Antton one bit. He is quick and to immerse himself in the pleasures of the resort, and more specifically, the pleasures of the resort staff. Being a master-chef, Antton wanders into familiar territory and he likes what he finds in the kitchen. Cooking up a storm is the resort's very sexy chef Kane O'Farrell, and in his kitchen, shirts are not required. When our chef realizes he has an admirer he wees Antton and reveals that he is cooking a Crme Brule, one that he claims will be the best he has ever tasted. Antton is thrilled to have a chef as hot and hunky as chef Kane preparing food for him. Just then chef Kane offers to whip up a platter of all his special treats, an offer which leaves Annton all smiles. As if on cue, Man waiter (Eric Valentin) appears to guide Antton to a very special table that has been prepared just for him, a table for one set alone on a grassy bluff with a beautiful view of the ocean and a moody evening sky at early sunset.

Anton Harri
Kane O'Farrel

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