Gym Fuckers Gym Fuckers

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February 13, 2016

Description: Gym Fuckers:

A hot sweaty workout in the gym is the best exercise you can get - but we're not talking about lifting weights or pumping iron! These fit Gym Fuckers go down the gym with the intention of working out one muscle in particular - their hot cock! Gym mats and weight benches double up as fuck slabs as guys on their knees gargle with throbbing boners whilst getting their asses pumped from behind. These bareback bruisers work hard every time they hit the gym!

Cast: Adam Hanks, Gettlin, Randy Scott, Samuel Hoffmann, Antonio Rinaldi, Tibor Danko, Luan, Marcelo Martin, Roger Moura, Steve Hunt, Jeff Paris, Tommy Pecs, Julien Veneziano, Antonio Martinelli

Adam Hanks
Antonio Martinelli
Antonio Rinaldi
Jeff Paris
Julien Veneziano
Marcelo Martin
Randy Scott
Roger Moura
Samuel Hoffmann
Steve Hunt
Tibor Danko
Tommy Pecs
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