Easy Inn, Scene 05 (Colt Rivers, Nikko Russo)

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February 26, 2017

Description: Rivers is chilling out on the couch with his e-book when Nikko Russo strolls by. Their attraction is instantaneous, magnetic: lips touch, tanks tear off, and Nikko's hefty dick slaps across's face for sucking. As he services Nikko's fat cock, undulates his hips, which gets Nikko even more excited. He slaps 's ass, spits in the crack, and dives in tongue-first. When Nikko is ready to fuck, he pulls 's ass closer to mount it doggy style. 's moans fill the room, mixing with the slaps of their muscled bodies colliding. Nikko's shoulders bulge and his abs ripple as he pounds into orgasm. Cum flies in all directions, eats every drop he can scoop up, and Nikko delivers his load right into's mouth.

Colt Rivers
Nikko Russo

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